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Januray 2010

OCI Helps to Introduce Eco-Friendly Paving Into Puerto Rico

OCI and PI, LLC, a Nevada company that has a showroom and manufactures waste tire recycling plants and asphalt rubber blending equipment, have recently completed the first Asphalt Rubber paving project in the country of Puerto Rico. OCI and PI, LLC are currently negotiating with Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Asphalt Rubber (AR) is a unique and environmental friendly paving process that utilizes ground tire rubber made from old car and truck tires. The use of AR in many states in the U.S., as well as several countries around the world, has shown to dramatically increase the life of roadways and be an excellent way to help eliminate the growing problem of waste tires, which are a hazard to the environment for incubation of mosquitoes, flies and diseases since water accumulates inside those tires.

Kelly Sockwell, Director of Operations for PI, LLC stated, "this project has been in the works for quite some time and was a real team effort that included help from the Puerto Rico DOT, the U.S. FHWA and the Rubber Pavements Association with REMA, the local tire recycling company.

This project which is part of highway PR 10 near the city of Ponce, received a great deal of local media attention and even a visit to the paving site by Governor Luis Fortuno to show his support.

Mr. Sockwell went on to say, "even though this was a rather small project we were glad to be involved. We know once the local road authorities see how well this material performs they will expand the use of AR here. It's great to be involved in something that not only helps to build better roads, but is good for the environment.

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