Goldplan's Advanced Building Materials are the most felixible and
cost-effective permanent form work system available in the world.

GOLDEN PLANET HOLDINGS INTERNATIONAL INC., is constantly searching for the perfect basic builder materials and tools that will allow the industry to build more affordable homes, faster and easier to use, keeping quality in mind at all times. In 1991 they launched the polystyrene (EPS), concrete, and steel forms as THE NATURAL ALTERNATIVE. To reach our goal for the consumers, architects, engineers, building codes, developers, builders, and the environment, we developed the GOLDPLAN System. This system will allow for all the beauty and creativity of design that today’s home buyers demand, while providing energy-efficient, safe, durable, and low maintenance housing that will last long into the next centuries. The GOLDPLAN System can meet the scheduling and the rapid demand of today’s market with fair profits. The GOLDPLAN System will ease the pressure on our timber resources. GOLDPLAN Materials do not place any burden on the environment.

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Insulated EPS, concrete and steel forms has been used successfully in Europe and the Middle East for over 30 Years and are rapidly gaining acceptance in the United States, Mexico, South America, Caribbean, and Canada. In fact, the National Association of Home Builders chose insulated concrete forms to build their 1994 American homes.

  • Safe for you and the environment;
  • Non-toxic. Non-flammable, and self-extinguishing;
  • Superior insulation (r27) over 50% savings on heating and cooling costs;
  • Walls are an effective air-vapor barrier;
  • No bacterial growth or nutritional value for insects and rodents;
  • Neither polystyrene (EPS) nor concrete will rot, rust, or corrode;
  • Concrete and polystyrene can be exposed for centuries with no effects;
  • Concrete and polystyrene will give greater noise reduction than conventional wood or steel stud walls;
  • Water and absorption resistance;
  • Tolerant to natural disasters (Hurricanes, Earthquakes, etc.);
  • Quality control assurance by Golden Planet;

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