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Golden Planet Florida, Inc. distributes the Goldplan EPS Elements for Flooring, Walls, Roof, (future roof tiles), custom EPS builders trim (exterior and interior) and different shapes of molding for architectural designs and tools. All which are delivered to the construction site. Training is also provided on and off sites. Goldplan…A New Way For Construction Excellence!

GOLDPLAN is a system of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) formwork into which concrete and steel are placed to create reinforced concrete structures. EPS gives GOLDPLAN the added advantage of its light weight and high insulation values (R27) for both thermal and acoustical applications. GOLDPLAN System makes a unique interlock assembly for any type of wall or foundation for residential, commercial (hotels, hospitals, schools), retaining walls, swimming pools, basement walls and surrounding security walls. GOLDPLAN formwork is non-structural. The structural integrity of a GOLDPLAN assembly comes from the concrete and steel within, which meets the design standards required by the building codes worldwide and approved in the Metro Dade and all three building codes in the United States. The GOLDPLAN System can be finished with the most acceptable internal and external building finishes.

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Builder-Developer Benefits:


Our goal is to expand the use of GOLDPLAN’s insulated concrete forming system through research, education, promotion, and public affairs work.

  • Snaps together for ease of assembly;
  • Less skilled labor is needed to assemble insulating GOLDPLAN forms system;
  • Forms aid in building plumb walls and right angles;
  • Minimize bracing requirements;
  • Opening of any shape can be placed at any location (doors, windows);
  • Trusses and joists are attached using traditional methods;
  • Accept all interior and exterior finishes;
  • Multi-story capability including basements, security walls, and swimming pools;
  • Suitable for pouring concrete year round regardless of the weather;
  • No forming, no stripping, and proper curing for stronger concrete;
  • Excellent resistance to buckling and cracking;
  • Insulation – R27 is a part of finished work;
  • Wiring and plumbing are run with ease;
  • A clean way to build; minimal scrap, recyclable, minimizes the cost of waste disposal;
  • Polystyrene (EPS) and concrete prices have been remarkably stable;
  • Eliminates the need for heavy equipment;

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