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Don Rivera cigars have come from over two centuries of tradition. Our family has been in the tobacco business since the 1800's when our ancestors made their livelihood from tobacco growing and wine production in the islands of the Mediterranean. Now, with our Cuban counterpart, who also brings a century of tradition, we have joined to create the Don Rivera cigar.

Our tobacco is grown from a Cuban seed in the Villa Gonzalez region of Santiago, Dominican Republic. After cultivation and individually selecting only the highest quality tobacco from the plantation, the tobacco is aged for 3-5 years and then blended to develop this unique smooth flavor, before it can be hand rolled in to some of our premium brands of Don Rivera Cigar.

Whether your taste runs mild or full, smooth or spicy, each of our cigars are blended and crafted for the ultimate pleasure of your taste. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong cigar as in cognac, whiskey or wine, it's only a matter of your taste. So start hand picking your Don Rivera cigars either for daytime, after lunch, after dinner, or any special occasion.

Don Rivera will make every moment unforgettable.

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